My name is Christian Donny Bernardin and I’m a blogger, online marketer, and a upcoming YouTuber. My blog posts are to helping people to find solution on how to stay healthy .

I’m also a basketball player who sicking to play college hoops someday….but more of that shortly.

How It All Started

I been played basketball since I was 9 years. Didn’t take it serious Until I was 13 years old. Played in a lot of teams, school teams, YMCA teams, even AAU teams. But I had something that was holding me back. In-order to take my skills to the next level i had to Lose Weight.

As a young kid i didn’t get as much playing time as my other teammates because i was heavier and slower. So i was hit with a challenge at a young age to lose weight. It was hard to accomplished as a young kid watching other kids eating whatever they wanted but i was on a diet trying to stay healthy to play the sport that i love.

As time went by I eventually lost weight to keep up with my other teammates. And something hit me why not help others stay healthy and reach there weight lose goals.  So I learn how to reach out to people and help them to reach there goals faster. Then I started blogging online and give solution on how to stay fit and live healthy.